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Village officials in Creston are looking at a cost between 30 to 35,000 dollars to repair storm drainage in the downtown area. Village Engineer Kevin Bunge talked about the tile problem last night on...more>>
Rochelle Elementary School Superintendent Todd Prusator The Rochelle Elementary Board approved a bid yesterday for additional security at all 5 buildings in the district. The cost will be $24,565 in...more>>
Village officials in Hillcrest will meet in special session this evening at 7 as they plan to approve the agreement with Regional Ready Mix. The cement company has accepted changes of the amended ann...more>>
Property owners in Ogle County are reminded that the 2nd installment on their tax bill is due this Friday. Over 29,300 tax bills were mailed last May from the Ogle County Treasurer's office. Ogle Cou...more>>
"The Great March for Climate Action" made a stop in Rochelle this week as between 30 to 35 people between to age group of 2 to 77 years old have a message to send. The walk began in Los Angeles last ...more>>
A DeKalb woman suffered fatal injuries yesterday morning following a car vs a flat-bed semi-truck crash in Winnebago County at the intersection of Mulford and Baxter Roads. 62-year old Debra Hopkins ...more>>
One person is dead after an explosion destroyed a house in LaSalle County. Reports indicate that the explosion happened in the City of Streator on Court Street around 11:30 last night. The LaSalle Cou...more>>
Rochelle police were kept busy yesterday on Labor Day as they wrote 20 traffic tickets. 17 involved speeding violations as most of the traffic stops took place on I-88. The fastest any 1 car was trav...more>>
Storm drainage repairs, tipping fee disbursement from the landfill, and parks in the village tops the discussion this evening for officials in Creston. The board meeting begins at 7 in the village ha...more>>
Rockford Police are alerting the local community about a home repair scam. The suspects normally target elderly people with offers to repair their chimney or roofs. The fraudsters then claim they have...more>>
Rochelle police are investigating a fight which took place this morning in which the male victim was struck in the head with a beer bottle. The altercation took place in a car on South Main Street a ...more>>
Consumers are taking advantage of Labor Day sales. A recent survey has found nearly 65-percent of Americans are shopping during the holiday weekend, which is an increase from last year's 59-percent. M...more>>
Governor Quinn is on a very tight budget this week. He's planning to live on just 79-dollars until Saturday. That's the estimated amount that minimum wage workers have left over once they pay taxes, r...more>>
A Leaf River woman escaped serious injuries yesterday morning following a 1 vehicle roll over crash in Ogle County. The accident took place a short time after 7am in the 14 thousand block of west Rou...more>>
2 area residents suffered serious injuries yesterday morning following a 2-vehicle head-on collision south of Sublete near the LaSalle and Lee County line. Reports indicate that 44-year old Bennie Su...more>>
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