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The tax levy resolution for the district, resignations and employment, along with the 2015-16 school calendar tops the agenda tonight for the Rochelle Township High School board. The meeting begins at...more>>
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity isn't being held liable for a student death at NIU. A Cook County judge dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit against the national chapter. David Bogenberger died in 2013 after ...more>>
DeKalb County Sheriff's Police have arrested a Lee Woman after the car she was driving this week struck a pedestiran. She then left the scene. 27-year old Angelica Anderson has been arrested on 2 cou...more>>
A Chana man received a sentence of 7 years in the Department of Corrections yesterday in connection with a sexual abuse incident in February of 2011. 30-year old Ralph McCormick pled guilty to the fe...more>>
Illinoisans looking to go back to to buy health insurance for next year will find higher prices in many parts of the state. Those who want to change plans have until Monday to make that...more>>
Ron Kern and I spoke this morning about the farm bill currently being batted around. Take a listen... [audio:RonKern.mp3]Ron Kern[/audio]...more>>
Hillcrest officials met for over 4 hours this week as a number of issues were talked about. Changes will take place in their ordinance in reference to dangerous dogs in the village. If the animal is ...more>>
House Speaker Michael Madigan says there won't be a special session to pick a replacement for the late Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka. A spokesman for incoming Governor Bruce Rauner said Thursday that ...more>>
In the wake of recent deadly police encounters with the public, a group of Illinois police chiefs thinks officers should have to file written reports every time they use force, deadly or less-than-dea...more>>
The application process for Illinois medical marijuana licenses has attracted a wide range of potential pot shop and cultivation center owners, including a former top fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. C...more>>
Two Universities in Chicago are now officially semi-finalists to be the host of the Barack Obama presidential library. The University of Chicago and University of Illinois at Chicago made the list aft...more>>
The timing of the death of State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka has sparked a debate over who appoints her successor and for how long. Governor Quinn has the power to name Topinka's successor immediate...more>>
Dairy Queens in Rochelle and Dixon are closed for the present time due to financial reasons. Both locations have the same owner as the problem dealt with back taxes owed by the business. The Dairy Q...more>>
DeKalb County Sheriff's Police arrested an Aurora teen along with a 16-year old boy yesterday afternoon following an altercation with a deputy at Kishwaukee Community College in Malta. The confrontat...more>>
Commonwealth Edison customers will see their electricity bills go up next month, thanks to the 239-million-dollar rate hike approved yesterday by the Illinois Commerce Commission. The ICC had little p...more>>
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