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School will be in session this morning in Galesburg now that a teachers strike of more than two weeks has ended. The final sticking point regarding recall rights for laid off instructors has been reso...more>>
The phrase "Branding" has been used during the past several months in Rochelle dealing with a new image for the community. Roger Brooks International has been hired at a cost of $100,000 in an attemp...more>>
Police are beefing up their patrols now through the holiday weekend. The end of summer push will focus on catching drunk drivers, people who are speeding, and those who aren't strapped in. Drivers can...more>>
The Illinois Tollway is expecting the busiest Labor Day weekend in its history, spurred in part by gas prices that are a dime lower than a year ago. The tollway could see seven-point-two-million drive...more>>
BP has issued a statement following an explosion and subsequent fire at their oil refinery in Whiting, Indiana last night. A company spokesperson says around 9 p.m., "the refinery experienced an opera...more>>
No charges will be filed against the parents of a 16-year old boy from Rock Falls following a shooting that took place last March that killed 15-year old Matt Anderson. Brady Osborne has been charged...more>>
The Jackie Robinson West All Stars will be the center of attention in Chicago today. The city is celebrating the Little League National Champions with a parade and rally which kicks off at 9 a.m. at J...more>>
When it comes to safe driving, Rockford has been ruled as tops in the state. Allstate Insurance released on Tuesday its annual America's Best Drivers Report. Rockford is 25th in the country. Fort Coll...more>>
Attorney General Lisa Madigan is making businesses and others in the state aware that the federal government reports that more than one-thousand businesses have been hit by hackers. She says businesse...more>>
A new law gives pregnant women more protections in the workplace. It allows them to sit down if they need to and take more bathroom breaks and water breaks when necessary. It also requires employers t...more>>
Whiteside County officials have charged a 16-year old with the felony offense of reckless conduct following a shooting that took place last March that left 15-year old Matt Anderson of Rock Falls dead...more>>
Gredco Director Jason Anderson City officials in Rochelle held a public hearing last night dealing with the increase of the enterprize zone in Lee County.The proposal totals 45 acres on the west side...more>>
Rochelle police have received word of a possible scam involving the elderly. The woman told police that she had received a phone call in which the person said he was her grandson and had been involve...more>>
Even though they're not seen too often in Illinois, bears, cougars and wolves are now protected species under state law. Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill today putting those animals in the state's wil...more>>
Governor Pat Quinn, Vice President Joe Biden and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel met in Chicago to talk about raising the minimum wage. Biden says you can't have an economy that works when you have 24 mill...more>>
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