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Rockford woman pleads guilty to baby formula thefts at 2 stores in Rochelle

A Rockford woman pled guilty in Ogle County court yesterday in connection with baby formula which was stolen from 2 businesses in Rochelle last April.

21-year old Briana Taylor was charged with the Class 3 felony offense of retail theft.

Co-defendants in the case were 22-year old Frances Taylor and 22-year old Nakeeda Bell, both from Rockford.

The baby formula was stolen from Walgreens and Walmart. Around 40 cans were taken from the businesses.

Police say that the 3 women were selling the baby formula to retail businesses in Rockford.

In court yesterday, Briana Taylor was sentenced to 2 1/2 years probation. Restitution to Walmart totals $669 while Walgreens had a figure of $592.

Frances Taylor and Nakeeda Bell remain in the Ogle County court system on the felony offense.


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