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Emergency disaster exercise next week

Police and Fire Departments in the Rochelle, Ashton, and Franklin Grove areas are getting prepared for an emergency disaster exercise that will take place next Wednesday.

The scenario will be a simulated torndao that touches down just east of Franklin Grove in Lee County. The twister then proceeds through the communities of Ashton and Rochelle. There will be 6 separate sites that the tornado does damage and causes injuries.

During yesterday's program "Let The People Know", Rochelle Police Detective Terry Inman, 1 of the organizers of the exercise, talked about the reasons behind the event for emergency personnel. He stressed that departments need to remain updated on different emergency situations.

Inman hopes that area police and firemen learn several things from the event.

The emergency disaster exercise will begin at around 8 next Wednesday and end around 3.

"Let The People Know" is heard on Wednesday afternoons at 12:30 on Newstalk 1060 and re-broadcast Saturday mornings at 6 on Newstalk 1060 and Sunday mornings at 6 on "The Coyote", 102.3FM.


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