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Meridian School district faced with 2 million dollar deficit

The Meridan School District in Ogle County is looking at a deficit of 2 million dollars in their budget.

During a meeting last night, the board talked about ways to reduce that figure. The list included the reduction of staff and even cutting some programs like art or music.

Other options included 2 possible referendums. 1 would increase the county sales tax. The 2nd involves a property tax increase. School officials were in favor of placing the 1 percent sales tax increase on the April ballot for voters in Ogle County to decide.

School officials are also looking at the possibility of borrowing money through bonds to help with the deficit.

The Meridian School board has scheduled 3 more meetings to talk about this issue. 1 will take place next Wednesday night while an other is scheduled for January 16th.

The final meeting will take place on January 21st where a final decision on the budget deficit is expected to be made.


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