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Fees could be eliminated for sign changes in Rochelle

City officials in Rochelle are looking at the possibility of changing an ordinance dealing with a fee if a business changes their current sign.

The issue was talked about during Friday's Administrative Committee meeting. The group consists of councilmen Ed Rice and Chairman Dave Eckhardt along with councilwoman Kathy Hollonbeck.

At the present time, any changes in the sign by a business involves a $75 permit fee. City Attorney Alan Cooper plans to report back to the council about the ordinance in the future.

The committee also talked about "Walk Your Bike" signs for the downtown area. At the present time, people can not ride their bike or skateboard on the sidewalks.

The city also plan to installl bike rakes next spring in the downtown area.

The committee also decided that they are not in favor of any increase right now in the telecommunication tax for Rochelle.

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