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Sheriff Harn favors concealed weapons law

State lawmakers continue to feel pressure from a number of groups and county boards dealing with the concealed weapons legislation.

Illinois is currently the only state not to have this law. Lawmakers have yet to put the issue on a ballot for voters in the state to decide.

During yesterday's program "Let The People Know", Ogle County Sheriff Michael Harn is in favor of people carrying guns. He believes crime will go down in the area if people were able to carry a handgun.

Sheriff Harn also stressed that his officers must be prepared at all time now in case a person had a weapon.

Last month, the Ogle County board approved a resolution that the state place the concealed weapons issue on a ballot for voters to decide. They received over 970 signatures in favor of this issue.

"Let The People Know" is heard on Wednesday afternoons at 12:30 on Newstalk 1060 and re-broadcast Saturday mornings at 6 on Newstalk 1060 and Sunday mornings at 7 on "SAM", 102.3FM.


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