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Juror dismissed in Sheley murder trial

Testimony continues today in day 4 of the murder trial involving a Sterling man.

33-year old Nicholas Sheley has been charged with the killing of 93-year old Russell Reed of Sterling in the summer of 2008. The incident was part of a killing spree which included 8 victims. Sheley has already been convicted in the death of a Galesburg man and sentenced to life in prison.

In court yesterday, Whiteside County Judge F. Michael Meersman dismissed 1 of the jurors. An attorney representing 1 of the witnesses represented the juror in a divorce case with a pending child support issue.

1 of the 3 alternates will now be part of the jury in the murder trial.

During testimony yesterday, 1 of the witnesses from the state said they saw blood stains on Sheley's clothing the night Reed was killed.

Sheley has also been charged with 6 other murders which occurred in Rock Falls and in Southern Illinois during the summer of 2008.


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