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Rochelle cable contract

Rochelle Mayor Chet Olson has not forgotten "Black Thursday" which took place last September for residents in the Hub City.

Comcast Officials decided that they would eliminate the 3 Chicago TV stations from their programming. This included Channels 2, 5, and 7 or Networks CBS, NBC, and ABC.

During this week's program "Let The People Know", Mayor Olson said that Comcast officials have contacted city representatives about renegotiating their current contract. Olson said the Chicago TV station issue will be addressed at that time.

He also said it could be a bargaining chip during negotiations on a new cable contract with Comcast.

"Let The People Know" is heard on Wednesday afternoons at 12:30 on Newstalk 1060 and re-broadcast Saturday mornings at 6 on Newstalk 1060 and Sunday mornings at 7 on "SAM", 102.3FM.

Next week's guest will be RTHS Superintendent Jamie Craven.


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