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Cortland teen arrested after being reported missing

DeKalb County sheriff's police have arrested a Cortland teen after he was reported missing on Thursday night.

Cortland police received word of the incident at around 8:30 involving 19-year old Jacob Brummett. His car was found in a ditch a short distance from his home. Brummett may have been drinking alcohol prior to crashing his vehicle.

He was found yesterday afternoon at around 12:45 in a garage in the 15 thousand block of North Street in Cortland.

Brummett was transported to Kishwaukee Community Hospital in DeKalb for a medical evaluation due to being exposed to the cold weather.

He was later charged with criminal trespass to a residence and theft.

The Illinois State Police aircraft along with the K-9 unit of the DeKalb County sheriff's department were used Thursday night during the search.


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