Newstalk 1060 Special Events | WRHL Newstalk 1060 Special Events 2015-06-30T08:55:28Z Newstalk 1060 Special Events Kris Wexell & Jay Burlison Clowing Around Kris Wexell & Jay Burlison seen with WRHL's 2013 Silver Dome Awards Kris Wexell with Rick Green getting ready for WRHL's 2012's Safe Trick or Treat event     Kris Wexell broadcasting live at the Halloween Vain Drain Blood Drive with RRVBC  Newstalk 1060 broadcast's live at the grand opeing of Big R in Rochelle  Newstalk 1060 & The Coyote's Great Easter Egg Hunt 2013 Kris Wexell with Rochelle Texaco Country Showdown Winner Craig Gerdes Kris Wexell on top of just 1 of the food donations at WRHL's 2 Thanksgiving Food Drive  WRHL 2015-07-01T01:55:28Z