Entertainment News | WRHL http://www.wrhl.net/pages/index.cfm?id=507 Entertainment News 2018-05-26T05:10:35Z Entertainment News 'Sesame Street' suing over Melissa McCarthy's R-rated puppet movie The makers of the educational children’s program “Sesame Street” are suing the production company behind comedian Melissa McCarthy's new R-rated movie co-starring Muppet-like puppets. Harvey Weinstein spotted carrying biography of accused filmmaker Elia Kazan As Harvey Weinstein turned himself in to cops Friday in front of the cameras, he made a point of carrying a biography of Elia Kazan — another legendary filmmaker and accused attacker of women. ESPN slammed for bringing back ‘conservative-bashing’ Keith Olbermann amid criticism of liberal bias ESPN has been under fire recently for what many media watchdogs consider a liberal bias and the network raised eyebrows on Friday by announcing an expanded role for anti-Trump pundit Keith Olbermann. Prince Harry and Prince William's lesser-known step-siblings showed up at the royal wedding In a world where Prince Harry can’t swat a bee without making headlines, it seems incredible that there’s a closely tied member of the royal family who we know almost nothing about. Louis C.K.'s accuser speaks out: I'll 'never regret telling the truth' Rebecca Corry, one of the women who spoke out accusing comedian Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct, said she does not “regret telling the truth.” 'Roseanne' star Laurie Metcalf recalls working with George Clooney Laurie Metcalf might be missing George Clooney just a wee bit. WRHL 2018-05-26T10:10:35Z http://www.wrhl.net/pages/index.cfm?id=507