World News | WRHL World News 2018-01-20T01:09:10Z World News Gunmen storm Intercontinental Hotel in Afghan capital Kabul An Afghan official says that a group of gunmen have attacked the Intercontinental Hotel in the capital Kabul. Gunmen attack Kabul's Intercontinental Hotel Security forces battled a group of three or four gunmen who stormed the popular western-style Intercontinental Hotel in the Afghan capital Kabul Saturday, Reuters reported. Cardinal rebukes pope over Chile 'slander' comments on abuse Pope Francis' top adviser on clerical sex abuse implicitly rebuked the pontiff over his accusations of slander against Chilean abuse victims, saying Saturday that his words were "a source of great pain for survivors of sexual abuse." Germany's chancellor supports dialogue between EU, Turkey German Chancellor Angela Merkel is voicing support for continuing the dialogue between the European Union and Turkey. Romanians protest corruption after law passed by Parliament Romanians are gathering to protest against legislation passed by Parliament which critics say will make it harder to prosecute crime and high-level corruption. French airport activists start unblocking road French activists say they are have started to unblock a road they used to occupy, in a move that eases tensions three days after the government abandoned plans to build a new airport in the west. WRHL 2018-01-20T18:09:10Z