WRHL News http://www.wrhl.net/news 20 Latest News Articles 2016-02-13T01:05:44Z Illinois switching to SAT college entrance exam A new college entrance exam is officially coming to Illinois. The State Board Of Education announced they will begin negotiating a contract with the College Board to use the SAT. In December, the College Board won a three-year contract worth over 14-... Jeff Leon 2016-02-12T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206673 Rockford priest accused of sexually abusing a child A Rockford priest is accused of sexually abusing a child. The Rockford Diocese says Father Alfredo Pedraza was arrested yesterday at his local home. He had been under investigation for two allegations that were reported to authorities in 2014. Pedra... Jeff Leon 2016-02-12T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206674 Civic Federation offers budget fix options A highly-regarded budget watchdog group says fixing the state's budget problems will require politically difficult decisions like cutting spending and raising taxes. The Civic Federation's analysis says the budget stalemate has only made the situatio... Jeff Leon 2016-02-12T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206675 Illinois receives extension for federal assistance Illinois is receiving an extension for requesting a disaster declaration from the federal government. The request is related to severe storms and flooding in late December and early January. If approved, the state can receive federal assistance. The... Jeff Leon 2016-02-12T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206676 Jackie Robinson West parents sue Little League The parents of the Jackie Robinson West baseball team are suing the Little League and team officials. The legal action was filed yesterday, which is one year after the youth baseball team was stripped of its 2014 U.S. Little League championship title... 2016-02-12T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206679 Rust a problem in the Hillcrest water system Village officials in Hillcrest are looking at correcting the problem in connection with rust in the water system at several homes. Village President Steve Dodson said that the majority of the problem is on Hillcrest, Jeffrey, and Scott Avenues. Wat... Jeff Leon 2016-02-11T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206580 Golf course scheduled to open this spring in Rochelle Plans are to have the "Fairways" golf course open this spring in Rochelle when the warmer weather hits the area. During yesterday's program "Let The People Know", Rochelle Mayor Chet Olson said that the city and Flagg-Rochelle Community Park Distric... Jeff Leon 2016-02-11T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206585 President Obama calls for better politics President Obama believes the nation deserves better from their politicians. Speaking to the Illinois General Assembly yesterday, the president discussed what he called a "poisonous political climate." Obama said politics should be based on compromis... Jeff Leon 2016-02-11T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206588 Oregon council approve police union contract In a 4-1 vote this week, city officials in Oregon approved the new union contract for the police department. Voting against the agreement was Councilman Jim Barnes. Details of the contract will not be released until the union ratifies the deal. Ther... Jeff Leon 2016-02-11T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206590 Fire officials say deadly blaze probably electrical in Rock Falls Fire officials say a house fire that killed five in Rock Falls was probably caused by an electrical defect. Last month's blaze took the lives of Patrick and Mary Hopkins and three of their children who were asleep upstairs at the time. Investigators... Jeff Leon 2016-02-11T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206589 Kishwaukee College officials looking at possible layoffs in the future The Kishwaukee College Board of Trustees are considering a draft plan to reduce the College’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget in light of the Illinois budget impasse and declining enrollments. The plan includes $3.8 million in cuts and additional reve... 2016-02-10T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206471 Rochelle elementary board meeting The approval of 2 million dollars in general obligation school bonds along with the hiring of a company for technology services topped the discussion last night for the Rochelle elementary board. The working cash bonds will be used for 2 purposes in... Jeff Leon 2016-02-10T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206472 Cause of death remains unknown for Rochelle man The exact cause of death for a Rochelle man who became ill in a cell at the DeKalb County jail in Sycamore early Monday morning has yet to be determined. An autopsy was performed on the body of 28-year old Brandon Washington on Tuesday. He died at K... Jeff Leon 2016-02-10T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206489 President Obama in Springfield today to talk with lawmakers President Obama is returning to a familiar place.  The president will be addressing the General Assembly today in Springfield.  Today is the same day Obama announced his candidacy for the White House nine years ago.  He began his poli... Jeff Leon 2016-02-10T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206491 Hillcrest board meeting tonight Village officials in Hillcrest will meet tonight at 7 with several items on the agenda. The discussion will include the sanitary sewer project, an amendment to the Northern Illinois Disposal contract, along with approving the intergovernment agreeme... Jeff Leon 2016-02-10T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206490 Rochelle man dies after becoming sick in the DeKalb County jail A Rochelle man died earlier yesterday morning after he became sick while in his cell at the DeKalb County jail in Sycamore. 28-year old Brandon Washington was found unresposive by deputies a short time after 2am. CPR was performed by jail personnel ... Jeff Leon 2016-02-08T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206327 Rochelle man arrested following altercation with local police Local police arrested a Rochelle man yesterday afternoon following an altercation with an officer. 58-year old Gil Rangel was arrested on the felony offense of aggravated battery and resisting arrest. Rangel was taken into custody after police saw ... Jeff Leon 2016-02-09T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206358 Rochelle City Council meeting The Rochelle City Council met for only a short period of time last night in open session as there was only a few items on the agenda. A ceremony was held for Dave Sawlsville who was named last month as the new Fire Chief in Rochelle. He has been wit... Jeff Leon 2016-02-09T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206357 Rochelle elementary board meets tonight 2 million dollars in general obligation school bonds along with the consolidation feasibility study tops the agenda this evening for the Rochelle elementary board. The meeting begins at 7 in the Middle School media center. The feasibility study wil... Jeff Leon 2016-02-09T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206359 President Obama returns to Springfield tomorrow President Obama is returning to Springfield this week. The president will be in the state capitol tomorrow to address the general assembly. Wednesday is the same day Obama announced his candidacy for the White House in 2007. He began his political c... Jeff Leon 2016-02-09T05:00:00Z http://www.wrhl.net/news/details.cfm?clientid=31&id=206360